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πŸ“… day [[2024-03-01]]
  • [[ec]]: "Yo adelgacΓ© mucho gracias al vino rosado."
  • #push [[Maitreya]]
    • I created a "[[GPT]]" (sigh, I get what they're going for with the name though :)) called [[Maitreya]]. Some example prompts are in [[Maitreya AI]].
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-24]]
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πŸ“… day [[2024-02-20]]
  • Second day using [[silver bullet]], enjoying it a lot!
    • I like how I was able to specify a full path for a new page, in this case journal/2024-02-20, and it just worked (tm).
    • I also like the [[autocompletion]] for links it has; it is better than [[wiki vim]]'s (which, granted, maybe I didn't really get the hang of) and [[logseq]]'s (faster).
  • [[work]] was tough given that I'm still not fully recovered from flu/virus and there are some interpersonal issues that take energy to deal with, but also satisfying as I did manage to get some things done.
    • Also my team is really great, every time I go back to team-specific tasks it feels like a breath of fresh air!
  • Talked to [[Berni]] and it was great.
  • [[AG]] did a surprise certification today after work, impressive :)
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-19]]
  • [[Silverbullet]] doesn't follow the convention of using journal/ for journals; and I wonder if that's not actually quite reasonable. Why wouldn't an ISO-formatted-date node be enough? That's what the [[Agora]] parses as journals ;)
  • Honestly I'm maybe fine moving to journal-dir-less but I'd like to find a shortcut to 'go/create today's note'. I haven't found this in menus yet.
  • [[heart sutra]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-18]]


  • Read: [[Forest and Factory]]

    • Finished it.
    • Good stuff. Provocative.
    • The suggestion to focus on hard science fiction for our utopias seems a good one.
    • Though I don't know if their piece really does that.
    • They just combine a focus on production with handwaving, rather than reproduction with handwaving.
    • Their salient point is really that we've stopped thinking about production, which I think is a good one.
    • Also lots of nuggets of wisdom in the footnotes to be mined.
  • Listened: [[The Art and Science of Communism, Part 1 (ft. Nick Chavez, Phil Neel)]]

    • Great discussion. Based around [[Forest and Factory]]. Loads of good stuff.
    • Their insistence on starting from present conditions and working towards for me thinking about [[complex systems]] and [[chaos theory]], [[sensitive dependence on initial conditions]] in particular. Is it logical to try and completely map the present to then try and cause the future? Maybe.
    • Maybe an alternative is the utopian way of doing it. Think of elements of your desired future as attractors of sorts, then focus on how your can leverage the path of history towards those. Maybe that's a combination of both. It obviously can't hurt to know the present conditions, but to then assume you can trace a clear path from now to the future seems wrong.
    • Yeah I think you need both. A clear understanding of present conditions. A clear idea of how you want society to function - your attractors. And then you nudge it from A to B, making use of [[shocks]], [[leverage points]], etc.
    • They make the point that a lot of utopias focus on reproduction rather than production. (Superstructure rather than base?).
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-17]]


  • Read: [[Talking to My Daughter About the Economy]]

    • Finished it. Enjoyed it. Would recommend.
    • Need to go back and note it up a bit.
  • Read: [[Theories of International Politics and Zombies]]

    • "How international relations theory can be applied to a zombie invasion"
    • Fun.
    • I remember some of [[Robert Biel]]'s articles saying how [[international relations]] was a field that applied systems theory to politics, so was looking for something that is a bit of an easy primer - this seems like it!
  • [[Shower thought]].

    • I want to make sure that I document at least the top two or three salient claims from every book and article that I read.
    • Otherwise it seems like wasted effort.
    • I'll tag book files such that I can run a query that pulls out those that I've read but have no associated claims.
    • To do so will be a positive act of [[knowledge commoning]].
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-16]]


  • Read: [[Talking to My Daughter About the Economy]]

    • Nearly finished it now.
    • Very good all in all. Very readable intro to some economics concepts, in particular through a critical lens of capitalism.
    • Very easy to read. (As such not the most rigourous analysis, but thats fine)
    • Interesting to note he uses 'experiential' value rather than use value.
    • His brief suggestion of a solution to capitalism is that we need more democracy rather than more markets.
      • In ownership of the means of production and in control over how we treat the environment.
  • Read: [[Forest and Factory]]

    • Deep dive into the logistics of production of motors.
    • Interesting, but still not convinced that this constitutes a scientific account of transition, in the language of their own critique.
  • How repairable is a [[Vision Pro]]?

  • I'd like to add a '[[New connections]]' page to my garden.

  • [[Flancian]] told me about [[Orgzly Revived]].

    • This is very good news to me.
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-15]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-14]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-13]]


  • Read: [[Forest and Factory]]
    • So far: very interesting.
    • But unnecessarily disdainful in tone to some of the other projects that it is critiquing. We're all on the same side here!
    • And, so far, while very interesting, the vision for the future they outline is just as lacking in scientific rigour as any of the projects that they are critiquing.
      • Going to assume that the science bit is going to come later.
    • Unflinching mentions of carbon capture and storage / direct air capture is a bit of a red flag.
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-12]]

I worked half a day as I was sick; cold symptoms, nothing terrible though. I attended two meetings and did writing.

Then I read [[Aaron Copland]] on music, thought and wrote about [[Moloch]].


I eead the [[Dalai Lama]] and [[Thubten Chodron]]. I'm in chapter 2 of book 2: [[The Foundation of Buddhist Practice]].


  • Read: [[Forest and Factory]]
    • Subtitle: The Science and the Fiction of Communism.
    • Heard about it from the This Machine Kills podcast.
    • Very interesting. A modern day update on the topic of [[Socialism: Utopian and Scientific]].
    • Critiques a bunch of things I've read recently as utopian, in the sense of lacking any practical route from the here and now to there.
      • Fair comment - though I've appreciated them, I've thought similar.
    • Not got to their own prescription for transformation yet.
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-11]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-10]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-09]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-08]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-07]]
  • Slightly less intense but still emotionally tough day at work (dealing with layoffs as part of the [[employee representation]] group).
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-05]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-04]]


  • Listened: [[The Santiago Boys]].
    • Finished the first episode. (Ep 1: A Blast in Manhattan).
    • Chiefly about the political milieu in Chile at the time, and then how Fernando Flores invites Beer to work with them.
πŸ“… day [[2024-02-03]]
  • [[Flancia meet]]
    • with [[bouncepaw]] we set up as a landing page for it, I like the result!
    • it made me revisit good old after a while -- and it felt good. Maybe I should go back to writing more on it? I say, not for the first time.
  • [[AG]] is wonderful


  • The following was written by [[Lady Burup]]
  • (a lot of dashes/empty list items, unsure how she wrote all these)


  • (more :))



Back to regular programming :)


  • [[e acc]]:
    • Somehow I arrived at [[e acc]] ([[e/acc]] is not a good Agora link as slashes usually mean actions, and action e/ currently doesn't exist). I can instantly relate mildly with their utopian side I guess, even as I dislike many of their positions and their super-capitalist stance. Also [[Shkreli]] is involved, sigh.
    • [[techno optimist manifesto]]
  • I read (re-read? I don't think I've forgotten it, but I did read a lot of SSC at one point) [[Scott Alexander]]'s review of [[Age of Em]].


  • [[Mohammed Aldhari]]
  • [[AG]]
  • [[Lady Burup]] <- [[Burrup Peninsula]], which I found in a Firefox session and enjoyed once again :D
  • Also I found out that [[Flancia]] seems to actually be a common name in some countries?! Twitter search found a lot of people with Flancia in the name, some with accounts older than mine.
    • Nice plot twist, thanks universe as usual.


Please disable copyright enforcement in AI. I want to be able to ask LLMs to pirate things for me, or help me pirate them. [[I take full responsibility]], as some are wont to say ;)

I usually buy books in one format but want several. Many authors make it easy for me to give them money on Amazon, but then I want an epub. Etc.

In the meantime I have to go to manually I guess?


I've been thinking of parsing this format in the Agora, meaning longer subnodes separated by -- in a newline -- and publish it to the [[Fediverse]] as individual posts :)


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-02]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-02-01]]

I believe things are going to be pretty amazing anyway; I sometimes get caught in the day to day and fail to notice it, or remember it, but all things considered I think the likelihood of humanity and our friends making it happily in cosmic terms long term is quite high.

I've been writing about the Agora for about 5 years now:

πŸ“… day [[2024-01-31]]


  • Read: [[The Shock Doctrine of the Left]]
    • Finished it. Reading it in lots of 20 minute late-night bursts while doing childcare.
    • Very good. Primary focus on movement building, organising.
    • Combination of left politics and complex adaptive systems is right up my street.
    • Also touches on [[organisational ecology]], [[care work]].
    • Would like to apply some of the concepts to [[reclaim the stacks]].
    • Particularly the description of using (and creating) shocks as points of leverage and transition is useful.
πŸ“… day [[2024-01-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-01-29]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-01-28]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-01-27]]